We had our second meeting today. Other than some casual games and teaching games, we also discussed about the roles and responsibilities of each position, logo and t shirt design, ways of promoting the club and etc. Here are some of the pictures taken.

Hiew Foong(W) against Tze Ping(B)

Ray vs Michael

Ray vs Pei Hung

2nd meeting

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Here comes our 5th meet up~ We paid a visit to JIS go club but unfortunately not many were there at that time due to CNY(most of them return to their hometown). Before going JIS, some of us paid a visit to Michael's place, chit chat and had some snacks and tea.

Chinese tea pot

Michael serving us tea
Michael explaining on the 茶道(tea ceremony)

Dunno what's Enru doing here

Most of them played chess

Teaching game by Ray (Hiew Foong is improving!!)

Azim playing with the REAL 1-dan =..=(Thats what he said)

the teacher in charge

Enru bullying the kids xp

Michael leading the game

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

4th Go Meet up

Very happy to see more members in our club. =D 

My game(W) with Michael(B)- I resigned

Michael(B) vs Huiyee(W)- Huiyee resigned

Ray and new member Joanne

Michael won 2 games today!

Our strongest female player here, Huiyee

Ray teaching Joanne


huiyee's and Michael's game

3rd meet up

Three new members have joined our club today. Two from Enru and one from Hiew Foong. Well done!
Basically, this is what we did today.
- Discussion on the new rules,progression card and etc.
- Taught new members on the basic rules (on 9x9 board)
- Pairgo 

Hiew Foong, Enru, two new members

Enru teaching using 9x9 board

Pairgo (Enru and Hiew Foong-B VS me and Ray -W)

Michael teaching Zhi Ping the basic rules (they look so happy)

Hui Yee playing with her phone =p 

Ray playing with the new member
Our game (when B starts to destroy our moyo)

B is successful

End game

Second go meeting

Hui Yee(B) Vs Michael(W) // B won

Enru (W) Vs Ray(B)

Hui Yee's and Michael's game

Me(B) Vs Enru(W)

Ray(W) Vs Michael(B)// W won

We have a new enthusiastic member who joined us today. Michael, a secondary teacher who teaches Mandarin at SMSA. A very big Welcome to him~

Today I'm kinda disappointed as there were only 4 existing members who appeared for the meeting. The meeting agenda can be found at FB group: UBD Go Club or Agenda

Enru (B) challenging Michael (W)

Hiew Foong observing the game (He left after a while)

And Huiyee came~

Happy New Year Everyone!!~

So it comes the 'snake' year, which is also a busy year for all of us. New year, new resolution? I haven't really think about it. Anyway, let's go to the main topic- GO. 

We are going to have our very first meeting for this semester, which will be held on the 16th January 2013. There will be appointment of new committee members, promotion of go, new member recruitment and etc. I will upload the agenda after the meeting. This semester, i hope to see more new members joining our club. For existing members, i do hope they can train their go well...and be responsible when they are given a task to do. 

That's all for today~ Will update again soon!